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The Problem

The concept of different levels of authority and assurance is an underpinning to effective, risk management from an organizational perspective. Not every employee is issued the keys or given card access to every room or area in a building, although all are granted access to common areas that may not be public such as parking lots, cafeterias and restrooms. Commensurately, not every employee is granted access to all computer resources, and the receptionist can only access a few systems while the C level have much broader access rights. These are Tiers of Trust. This program applies this same concept to our First Responders.

Comprised of more than law enforcement, fire, hazmat, and public health officials, trained staff from the private sector including utilities, communications and transportation providers are essential to emergency scene response and recovery. Volunteers are also a mainstay, although they will typically have assigned roles that are just a step above the public. Also, when an emergency escalates from a local event, to regional, State, or even Federal, privileges do change and the systems need to control/reflect the current status.

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