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For secure and reliable forms of identification, HSPD-12 states that “The Standard will include graduated criteria, from least secure to most secure, to ensure flexibility in selecting the appropriate level of security…” The Tiers of Trust program implements this risk-based concept. Just as every facility does not need to be protected to a Fort Knox level, not every zone in an incident site requires expensive, dual interface FRAC credentials for NIMS and HSPD-12 compliance, primarily to achieve perimeter control and identity/skill verification. The ability to authenticate a first responder's certifications, privilege level, and immediately assign staff to appropriate duties is crucial to a successful incident response. Utilizing resources wisely and cost-consciously can now be achieved by Incident Command during the incident, not merely accounted for later.

For many first responder roles and in geographic locations not likely to be called into a National event, a less-costly alternative performs better in harsh, smoky, or salty environment and also meets the FIPS 201 standards. Specially designed cards extend the durability beyond a single decontamination wash.

Also, many law enforcement, fire, hazmat, and public health officials have already undergone background checks and identity vetting, and jurisdictions do not need to pay for this expense again, instead leveraging their respective HR systems.

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